Chetwynd Road, London, NW5 1BU
Tel: 020 7482 7111

What do we do?

We Praise and Worship

We understand that God made us to worship and praise Him and to have a relationship with Him. We want to worship the God who has saved us, and given us new purpose and a glorious future and hope.

We Preach and Study

We understand that the only way that we can know God is through understanding the teachings of the Bible. For this reason, our services are centred on the preaching of the Bible. We also study the bible at our midweek prayer and Bible study meetings.

We Pray

We enjoy and really value our relationship with God the Father, and so we want to pray to Him. We do this in our personal lives, but also join together to pray in our church life.

We Give, and want Others to Hear the Good News of the Bible

We support the work of the Church both with our time and our finances. We want others to find forgiveness from God for their sin, and to know the peace and joy of the Christian life, so we work to bring the message of the Bible to those we know and those who live near the Church. We also support those who work to take the good news of Jesus Christ to peoples and nations in our world who have not yet heard of Him