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Sermons January to June 2016

Text Preacher Date Title
Romans 6:11-14 George Platt 26.06.2016 The Gospel way of Sanctification
Matthew 5:13-32 Andrew Carter 19.06.2016
Romans 6:1-14 George Platt 12.06.2016 Justification the foundation of sanctification
Romans 6:5-10 George Platt 05.06.2016 Justification always accompanied by sanctification
Romans 6:1-5 George Platt 29.05.2016 Do you not know that Christianity is Union with Christ?
2 Corinthians 4:1-6 Artur Piotrowski 15.05.2016 The Heart of the Evangelist
Romans 5 v 12-21 George Platt 08.05.2016 The Superabundance of Grace
Acts 17 v 16-34 George Platt 01.05.2016 The Christian message for unbelievers
Romans 5:12-19 George Platt 24.04.2016 The Obedience of Christ for His People
Romans 5:12-19 George Platt 17.04.2016 Condemnation in Adam, Justification in Christ
Mark 2:1-12 Jared Harfield 03.04.2016 Who can forgive sins?
Romans 5:6-10 George Platt 27.03.2016 The meaning of Easter
Romans 5:6-8 George Platt 20.03.2016 The evidence of the love of God
Romans 5:5 George Platt 13.03.2016 The experience of the love of God
Romans 5:2-5, 11 George Platt 06.03.2016 Christian experience: present rejoicing and future hope
Romans 5:1-2 George Platt 21.02.2016 The present benefits of justification by faith
Romans 4:22-25 George Platt 14.02.2016 The object of justifying faith: God in the work of Christ
Romans 4:16-25 George Platt 07.02.2016 The nature of faith: the example of Abraham
Romans 4:9-16 George Platt 31.01.2016 Are you a child of Abraham?
Romans 4:1-8 George Platt 24.01.2016 The Blessed Person
Romans 3:19-4:3 George Platt 10.01.2016 The Law and the Gospel
Isaiah 7:1-17 George Platt 03.01.2016 The God who says "Ask!"